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 S3/4 EP 7

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PostSubject: S3/4 EP 7   Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:37 pm


'Strike Back' S.3 Ep.7 preview: Prison blues

By Curt Wagner, @ShowPatrol RedEye

7:15 p.m. CDT, September 26, 2013

The men and women of Section 20 aren't getting a break this season.

Although they survived a terrorist assault last week, the British embassy in Budpaest was destroyed and the Irish baddies made off with an important tech device that they passed to the Russian group led by Ulyanov (Marcel Iures). In the Sept. 27 episode, which I'm going to call "Jail House Rocked," Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) get themselves locked up in Black Bear Prison in Russia in order to track down the device.

In the process, they run into a prisoner with a secret played by another renowned British actor in a guest role.

"We're working with Peter Guinness right now, for crying out loud," Winchester told me by phone from Budapest in May. "It's amazing the people who they get to guest star.

"He's just in it for two episodes--but again, he's just wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful."

Guinness, who has starred in "Coronation Street," "Doctor Who," "The Bill" and other British series, appeared last year as Nebuchadnezzar in "The Bible" miniseries. In "Strike Back" he plays a prisoner who helps Stonebridge and Scott with their mission. (See Guinness in the exclusive preview scene below.)

The episode, written by Simon Burke and Ben Newman and directed by Stephen Woolfenden, was filmed in a working prison in Budapest. The production filmed in a wing that the prison uses as a processing center only on Mondays. The actors and crew had to test with a breathalyzer in the morning before entering the prison, Winchester said. "You're never allowed to take a passport and you have to walk through metal detectors," he added. "So that's been very interesting."

"We're using their yard for some stuff and right on the other side of the fence are real prisoners," he added. "They're watching us and hollaring stuff at us. So, yeah, it's 'Strike Back,' you know?"

Stonebridge's health continues to deterioate as a result of his exposure to the neurotoxin earlier in the season. Meanwhile, someone is trying to kell Kamali (Zubin Varla), and he suspects Al-Zuhari has discovered his true identity.

The seventh episode of Season 3 of "Strike Back" premieres at 9 p.m. Friday on Cinemax with multiple replays throughout the weekend and next week.

In the video below, Winchester talks during San Diego Comic-Con International in July about how showrunner Michael Bassett approached him with the idea to give Stonebridge a physical disability this season. If you can't view it, visit my YouTube page.
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PostSubject: Re: S3/4 EP 7   Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:38 pm


Strike Back Season 3 Episode 7: Stonebridge and Scott behind Bars

by Bags Hooper on September 27, 2013

“What the f*^k are we doing here, anyway?” – Scott

There comes a time in every action hero’s life, where he finds himself behind bars. Such is the case on this week’s Strike Back.

There are only four episodes of Strike Back left, including this Friday’s episode. So, I ask you? What’s up with a season renewal? Get your friends tuning in folks if you want more international action. After all, Winchester did tell us that he was looking forward to a mission in Thailand next year. So, let’s see it.

Here’s a clip from this week’s episode. Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) also “do the thing” they do when they decide who is going to take the shittier task – play paper, rock, scissors.

The photos below feature Zubin Varla, Robson Green, Stapleton, Winchester, Peter Guiness and Tereza Srbova.
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PostSubject: Re: S3/4 EP 7   Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:40 pm


Preview & Photos: ‘Strike Back’ Season 3 Episode 7

Strike Back Season 3 Episode 7 airs on Friday September 27, 2013 at 10 pm ET on Cinemax.

Episode Synopsis: The team tracks stolen property to Russia, where Scott and Stonebridge continue their side careers as “outlaws.” As Stonebridge’s health continues to deteriorate, they discover new mysteries about a piece of Al-Zuhari’s plan. Kamali worries that his cover identity may not hold.

Show Summary: A high-octane, globe-spanning thriller with storylines ripped from today’s headlines, Strike Back, the network’s first original primetime series in more than 15 years, focuses on two members of a top-secret intelligence agency known as Section 20.
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PostSubject: Re: S3/4 EP 7   Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:18 pm


‘Strike Back’: Let’s Go to Prison
by Kevin Yeoman

Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back Season 3 Episode 7 Strike Back: Lets Go to Prison

In the world of pop culture – and especially movies – the idea of prison as a dramatic setting has become its own subgenre. Whether it’s classic escape films like A Man Escaped, Escape From Alcatraz, The Great Escape (sensing a theme?) or something on a different dramatic scale like The Shawshank Redemption, they all operate within a certain framework and there is generally a specific set of criteria that is expected while watching them.

With episode 7, Strike Back introduces its run-and-gun style of fast-paced action to the more confined, claustrophobic setting that is such a key part of prison films. The episode operates as a kind of mini-movie unto itself, and the start of the fourth two-part arc of the season. And since it takes place in Russia, the episode should also get Scott and Stonebridge some fairly serious travelers discounts. But more importantly, the episode serves as another demonstration as to how well the writers know their program, as the show seamlessly jumps over into a new subgenre, while keeping the other subplots of the season ticking away underneath.

Maintaining the series’ frenetic pace and managing to get Scott and Stonebridge in (and nearly out) of prison in under an hour is no small feat. Thankfully, the writers knew to speed up certain things like processing and questioning and after a twisty car chase inside an abandoned factory building, Section 20′s best and brightest have their mug shots taken in an manner reminiscent of Hot Fuzz and in no time flat are walking the yard looking for trouble.

There’s no mention of just how long it’d been since they were arrested and when they first donned those stylish maroon prison duds, but the episode is still operating under the assumption that the hacking of the NATO hard drive is underway, and therefore time is of the essence. This raises a few questions in terms of the legitimacy of the plan, and for all the fun that was the cold open, perhaps it would’ve made more sense for their entry to be gained through more bureaucratic means (Col. Locke does have an agent in Russian FSB, after all), but whatever – the show has played fast and loose with more important plot points and gotten away with them, so there’s no reason for it to stop here.

Zubin Varla and Robson Green in Strike Back Season 3 Episode 7 Strike Back: Lets Go to Prison

Perhaps in an effort to keep viewers from concerning themselves too much with leaps in logic, the episode goes down the prison checklist fairly quickly. Stonebridge picks a fight in the yard; the crooked warden is introduced (and seemingly dispatched in a riot); and we also meet a quirky, but kind inmate who befriends our heroes and helps them navigate the world inside the prison (oh, and he also instigates the riot).

As much as episode 7 is the continuation of the overall plot to shut down al-Zuhari and his terrorist network, it winds up feeling almost like a standalone episode. But the writers manage to ground it within the framework of the season’s plotline by bringing Stonebridge’s illness (brought on by exposure to a neurotoxin) to the next stage, while also giving Locke a reason to believe Dalton was right about Kamali.

It may have amounted to little more than setting up what’s to come, but with the season pushing into its final leg, more setup should equal higher dramatic stakes.

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PostSubject: Re: S3/4 EP 7   Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:28 pm


STRIKE BACK 3.07 Review
Scott & Stonebridge go undercover in a Russian prison to find a hacker. But somebody finds them first…
September 29th, 2013 Blair Marnell

Strike Back 307

Writers: Ben Newman & Simon Burke

Director: Stephen Woolfenden

Previously on "Strike Back":

Episode 3.06 Review

Because “Strike Back” is primarily filmed in South Africa, I never expected the series to put Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Sgt. Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) inside a Russian prison.

In almost any other action show, this would be a cliche. But on “Strike Back,” it’s a nice change of pace that escalates the personal crisis for Stonebridge and makes Section 20 wonder if their deceased leader, Rachel Dalton (Rhona Mitra) was right all along.

The dual cliffhangers were also very effective, as Scott and Stonebridge face some lethal situations. Scott is pretty screwed, but Stonebridge has the worst of it… for now.

As always, there are full spoilers ahead for the latest episode of “Strike Back.” If you missed last Friday’s episode then you should probably skip this review or else Locke won’t get out of the car this time.

The opening of the episode was a particularly fun sequence as Scott and Stonebridge go undercover as drug buyers before leading the trigger-happy Russian cops on a car chase to make sure they get sent to a maximum security prison. This was all planned to get them close to an imprisoned hacker named Erik Andersson (Andreas Utterhall), a young man who is being forced to hack into the stolen NATO hard drive from the previous episode.

Scott and Stonebridge quickly intimidate their new cellmate, Pushkin (Peter Guinness). However, Pushkin turns out to be their most valuable ally inside the prison. Despite trying to shank the duo when they first antagonize him, Pushkin eventually wins them over and they decide to take him with them when they inevitably escape. Pushkin’s secret cross-dressing fetish also gives them the perfect distraction to cause a riot.

Meanwhile, some serious doubt was cast on the loyalties of Leo Kamali (Zubin Varla). Kamali flinches when his “bodyguard” executes a banker on his behalf, but he doesn’t hesitate to kill the bodyguard a few minutes later as he enters their car. Both the CIA and Section 20 are puzzled and alarmed by Kamali’s actions, but he argues that Al-Zuhari is out to kill him. And it’s hard to dispute that when a car bomb nearly kills Lt. Colonel Philip Locke (Robson Green) and Kamali.

However, there are hints that Kamali may have planted the car bomb himself. Kamali’s behavior in the Section 20 command center and the way he was framed certainly made Kamali look like he was a traitor. Even though Locke had warmed to Kamali, he concedes that Dalton may have been right about him.

The audience has been expecting Kamali to turn traitor for weeks, because that’s how these stories usually go. But Zubin Varla has been so compelling as Kamali, I don’t want to see him turn on Section 20. He’s been very entertaining as their reluctant ally. However, Kamali apparently sells out Scott and Stonebridge to protect his cover and get Arkady Ulyanov (Marcel Iures) to trust him.

That doesn’t mean that Kamali is really working for the terrorists, but it suggests that he has no loyalty to Scott and Stonebridge despite the fact that they saved his daughter from Leatherby. Kamali’s paranoia may be very real, and that means that he can’t be trusted.

The meaty part of the episode deals with Stonebridge’s physical and mental deterioration. Section 20 learns that Stonebridge was exposed to a neurotoxin that will kill him within one or two days; which is a huge ticking clock. If this was the penultimate episode of the season I could buy that Stonebridge’s life really could come to an end in the next episode. While that’s unlikely, it still builds up Stonebridge’s character as he attempts to deal with it.

We also learn what the deal is between Scott and the mystery woman he had Sergeant Julia Richmond (Michelle Lukes) track down. It turns out that Scott fathered a child with the woman and he ran out on them. Scott acknowledges that it wasn’t his finest moment, but he seems to be hoping for a reconciliation with them and a secure future using the diamonds that he and Stonebridge stole from Leatherby. That dream is probably as unlikely as Stonebridge dropping dead, but it’s telling that Scott wants a family to share his wealth with.

Major Nina Pirogova (Tereza Srobva) was the most interesting of the new characters introduced in this episode. At first glance, Nina seems ruthless enough to murder her colleague for his share of Ulyanov’s bounty on Scott and Stonebridge. Although to be far, Nina’s colleague pulled a gun on her first. But I loved the twist that she was Locke’s “inside man” and that she was ballsy enough to tell the warden that she shot her colleague while she demanded Scott and Stonebridge be turned over to her.

In other circumstances, Scott and Nina would probably have ended up in bed together, but there’s no time for that in this episode. This is the rare “Strike Back” episode without a sex scene! While they get Pushkin to safety, Scott and Nina are trapped inside the prison and surrounded by guards. It’s a bad situation for Scott, but it’s probably worse for Nina. She’s a traitor and she’s played by a guest star. That’s a lethal combination on this show.

Meanwhile, Stonebridge heroically tries to save Eric the hacker, only to end up getting knocked out and transported to some kind of illegal weapons testing facility that may be tied into the plans of Al-Zuhari. And given Stonebridge’s current physical condition, the odds are pretty stacked against him.

Good thing he’s one of the lead characters! If any of the supporting characters were in that jam they probably wouldn’t make it out of next week’s episode alive.

It would be cool to see “Strike Back” offer more change-of-pace episodes like this. This was one of the strongest episodes of the season in part because it gave us a new setting and explored some of the inner depths of Scott, Stonebridge and even Kamali. The cliffhangers were so good that I want to watch the next episode right now.

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S3/4 EP 7
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