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 Facebook Strike Back interview

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Facebook Strike Back interview Empty
PostSubject: Facebook Strike Back interview   Facebook Strike Back interview EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 11:46 pm


STRIKE BACK FAN Q & A: Philip Winchester
Strike Back, 2011. november 3., 11:54

You asked. He answered. See if your question was answered by Strike Back's Philip Winchester below:

Philip Winchester Twitter & Facebook Fan Q & A

Q: After filming at different locations, what would be a dream location for you all to film next? - @patchi1009

A: We started throwing around the idea of doing some eps. in the snow...Alaska, Arctic circle...? Just to keep it interesting. It's tough when you start in Cape Town, seriously it's one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

Q: Which location did you enjoy filming at and why? - @kernowtkblue

A: Springbok was in episode 6. We had the whole place to ourselves. And because some of scenes had to look entirely empty, beside the characters, sometimes we would start and cut the cameras, because our crew had to be hiding over a hill in the distance.

Q: What’s your favorite episode from the series and why? - @kernowtkblue

A: They all have such great stories and moments. Watching the first two was great. I remember thinking "Gosh, that worked. I hope we can keep it up!" I also enjoyed watching Sully kick everyone's ass in the end of 8...

Q: What type of scenes did you guys like filming the most? – David L

A: Anything with guns, we trained hard to look convincing so putting it to the test was exciting. Well...and flying in helicopters...it was hard to look serious sometimes, because we were actually having so much fun...then there were the car chases...

Q: What do you guys do to keep in shape? You have incredible physiques .– Darren S.

A: Train hard and drink lots of protein. We built a base (physically) using lots of olympic style lifts. Squats, dead lifts, bench press...mostly though we had our faces in the dirt doing push ups...lots of push ups.

Q: Where did you receive your fire arms training and who from? – Graham C.

A: The training all took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Some of our trainers were also doing CP work (close protection) or were former Special Forces. I can't give you their names...they'd track us both down and...

Q: Do you do your own stunts? – Karen H.

A: Yep. It's one of the most exciting things about this show. If we have the time and we can get a camera onto our faces to catch all we can from the shot, we'll take the hit. Sometimes very literally!

Q: Has playing characters with military backgrounds given you a newfound respect for service members? – Richard A

A: I've always had a huge respect for our military. My Grandfather was on a destroyer in WWII and he shared many of his incredible stories with me. Then training with SAS, SBS and other Special Forces guys reminded me that we're portraying comic book hero's. But real hero's. These guys exist and do this stuff all the time.

Q: Are you best buds with Sullivan in real life now? - @madkate68

A: No, Sully's a wanker. Not really. Sully brings an amazing ability to improvise at the drop of a hat, he loves having fun and it really comes across in Scott. We laughed a lot and worked well together. There was always a natural competition when training and shooting(scenes and guns)...it made for a good time.

Q: What action scene of yours did you like best? I love the scene with the champagne bottle. - @patchi1009

A: Ha, thanks. Most of that scene ended up being second unit because we ran out of time on the main unit. I really enjoyed the whole battle sequence in episode 9. We shot for days and pulled out all the stops to make it look as brutal and real as possible.

Q: Do you find it's hard to "turn off" the accent once off camera? - @teasingtan73

A: I tend to keep the accent for the whole shoot. Unless I'm talking with mates in the States it hangs around. (my wife sometimes asks if she can have her American husband for a date or dinner.)

Q: Off set were there any songs that you listened to that motivated you as Stonebridge? - @MS2010990

A: After hearing the opening credit music I started listening to The HEAVY. The day of the organ farmers fight I listened to CHASE AND STATUS for ages. I'm kind of a closet dance music fan. (or it was a secret...)

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Facebook Strike Back interview
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